About Esmet®

Esmet® believes that smart technology and innovative American manufacturing can make our world safer and more secure.

Made in the USA

Headquartered in the American heartland of Canton, Ohio, Esmet® operates two brands; Electroline® and TUFLOC®. At Esmet, we all come to work every day because we want to create products that keep people safe, and firearms and other valuables secure. In the process, preserve the order and well-being of our families and communities.

Our capabilities include turning, milling, drilling, tapping, welding and assembly. We successfully produce high-quality components to exact specifications. Our manufacturing workforce includes skilled programmers, machinists, welders and assembly personnel.

Quick connect. Strong support.

These four words describe the products our customers buy from Electroline – and the prompt response and through service they receive from us.

Our American-made swivels and non-swage end fittings provide the convenience of quick, simple on-site installation that can be inspected on the spot. Whatever your end fittings and swivels are being used to support – they will perform with strength. Strong support is also how we describe our services to every customer.

Customer Service

Esmet® provides personalized attentive customer service. Each employee is fully aware of our quality commitment, understands our quality policies and takes pride in fulfilling orders and answering questions about our unparalleled line of gun racks for home and vehicles, weapon storage units, lockers and lock boxes and seat organizers.

TUFLOC® for a tough world.

Here’s the reality. Just because there is danger in the world doesn’t mean we have to be afraid. Tufloc® products are designed to keep homes safe with easy-access but secure weapon storage. Tufloc® enables fleets to safely secure guns, store equipment and organize belongings. For those who serve and protect society, Tufloc® offers products that keep their firearms and other tools secure and in the right hands.

Yes, it’s a tough world…but with Tufloc®, you’re still in charge.

President & CEO

Mike Waryas joined the organization in 1998 as sales manager and led the company to experience growth in market and product innovation. Two years later, he became president and is now the CEO and owner.

He is a member of the National Association of Manufacturing, Associated Wire Rope Fabricators and other organizations. He enjoys pheasant hunting, skeet shooting, and sport clay shooting.

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